Founded in 1971, Tecnimoplás was one of the pioneer companies that helped Marinha Grande (in Portugal) become one of the biggest mould manufacturing centres in the world. We design and manufacture precision moulds, mainly for the plastics industry.

Quality, honesty and meeting deadlines have been our main and constant endeavours that have contributed to the sustained development of the company’s competitiveness.

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Tecnimoplás’ purpose is to maintain its position as market leader amongst injection moulding manufacturers.

Management Policy

TECNIMOPLÁS’ Management Policy is governed by the following principles and it is based on the company’s philosophy regarding continuous improvement of methods and work processes that guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers Find out.


To provide clients with complementary products and services that are of high quality, and to participate in the development and success of our clients’ business by making all of our “Know How” available.

To share our success with our employees and other entities that we relate to and ensure a regular and high return on our business partners’ investments.


TECNIMOPLÁS has always had a dynamic role in membership bodies, being an associate member of CEFAMOL – Associação Nacional da Indústria de Moldes (National Mould Industry Association) for more than 30 years; a founding associate member of CENTIMFE – Centro Tecnológico da Industria de Moldes, Ferramentas Especiais e Plásticos (1991) – Mould Industry Centre for Technology, Special Tools and Plastics (1991); a founding associate member of the Pool-net association – Portuguese Tooling Network (2008) and an associate member of ANEME – Associação Nacional das Empresas Metalúrgicas e Electromecânicas (1975) – ANEME – National Metal and Electromechanical Companies Association (1975).

During its 44 years of existence TECNIMOPLÁS has been a pioneer in the adoption of several technologies, being that it was the first mould company in Marinha Grande to have a deep drilling centre (1988), one of the first to explore electroerosion technology (1973) and the CAD/CAM systems (1986). Also, in terms of human resources it invested in training staff. Additionally, with regards to products it was responsible for big innovations being that it produced one of the first sandwich moulds in the country, which was produced in 1984.