Método, Precisão e Rigor

Sustained Industrial Productivity in a Daily Challenge

Currently, Tecnimoplas owns a range of cutting-edge technologies. This allows the manufacturing of moulds that are highly precise and reliable, within the timeframe agreed with the client.

Our team’s technical ability as well as its extensive experience allow us to develop a work of precision in the different manufacturing stages.

We consider the development and promotion of a team culture to be a strategic factor for continuous improvement and fine-tuning in the different activities and tasks.

Systematically using certain equipment and complementary methods, in the different assembly and finishing stages guarantees that the end mould is of high quality.

Based on a business philosophy of continuous improvement of processes and work organisation, Tecnimoplas is currently implementing a set of projects with the aim of optimising productivity.

Giving continuity to the strategy of valuing human resources within the company.