Management Policy

TECNIMOPLÁS’ Management Policy is governed by the following principles and it is based on the company’s philosophy regarding continuous improvement of methods and work processes that guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers:

Customer satisfaction

  • Complying with the applicable requirements and promoting the development of the organization, with the view of guaranteeing high standards of customer service, competitive prices and services suitable to the specific characteristics and needs of each client, who in turn recognize Tecnimoplás as a privileged partner in the exercise of their profession;

A business culture that values integrity

  • The value system that is common to all who are part of the company should be ruled by ethical conduct, honesty and respect for human dignity;

Quality productivity ratio

  • This is obtained through the constant endeavour to maximise the twin-track of quality / productivity; quality ratio using the Management System and other management tools with the aim of increasing goal achievement; productivity comprehended as the result obtained by unit of the resource used;


  • Continuous development and innovation process that allows the creation of value in different industries to be sustained, integrating and enhancing innovative solutions for our business partners.

Therefore, TECNIMOPLÁS commits to ensuring compliance to the requirements in standard NP EN ISO 9001, and standard NP 4457, applicable legal standards and continuously improve the efficiency of the Management System.