Satisfaction guarantee

With an active continuous customer service policy, we guarantee high levels of performance and reliability during the life-cycle of our partner projects.

Our frequent attendance at big events and industry fairs, and our specific follow-up visits allow us to gain feedback and suggestions for improvements from our clients.

A relationship of trust built during more than 45 years of operation, based on the principles of honesty and trust, allows us to affirm that Tecnimoplas is a company marked by excellence in its industry.


Guaranteeing the replacement of crucial parts and or/wear in a timely manner, allows us to reduce to a minimum the non production times, thus increasing the effective production time.

Support documentation for performance and maintenance (in analogical and/or digital format) is provided along with the tool.

The possibility of introducing a set of control and monitoring tools that are distinctive and integrated into the mould (both locally and remotely) facilitates the management of its performance.