The most recent technologies

Based on the company’s philosophy regarding continuous improvement of methods and work processes with the goal of guaranteeing the total satisfaction of our clients, Tecnimoplas has a set of distinctive resources that allow the production of high quality moulds of up to 30 tonnes.

Flexibility and quick response time to inquiries are key factors in our relationship with our clients -partners, in a context of constant change.


The different stages of manufacturing and designing a mould are strictly planned and controlled, in order to work in real time thus minimizing any waste of time or loss of productivity.

Creating and sharing knowledge are considered fundamental and crucial processes for excellent production.

The use of automation technology (robots) in some mould manufacturing practices, encourages high levels of efficiency in the performance, and this also guarantees systematic quality.

The incorporation of a range of different technologies that have the potential for being innovative leads to a production structure that is distinctive and that has the ability of creating value through flexible production.